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Former Black Raiders Give Back to Community

SIOUX CITY— Two former East High Black Raider basketball players, Jeff Carlson and Dustin Cooper, are giving back to the Siouxland community as they hosted the first ever “We Got Next” basketball camp on Friday at East High School. The “We Got Next” Foundation provides a free basketball camp for boys and girls from the third to eight grades, scholarships and even counseling.

“Throughout the year we are going to award the kids at this camp “We Got Next” scholarships,” stated Carlson.” What that will entail is each “We Got Next” scholarship recipient will receive a (Michael) Jordan backpack that is going to have a Nike lunchbox and all their school supplies provided for them.”

Six former college basketball players, such as Wayne State’s Tim Gesell and Iowa’s Zach McCabe, took part in helping out at the three-hour camp as well. “It was actually pretty easy to reach out to these former big-time college basketball players,” mentioned Cooper. “Not one said maybe, they all said right on the spot they would help out.”

To go along with the inaugural “We Got Next” basketball camp, there will be a golf outing at Whispering Creek on Saturday to help support East High basketball and the “We Got Next” Foundation.

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